Water Sports for Kids


Do your children enjoy being in the water? A summer beach vacation is so much more enjoyable when everyone can participate in water sports. It’s an excellent method for your children to improve their water confidence and fitness while spending precious time together as a family. But what are the finest water activities for kids that the whole family can enjoy?

Flying Through Water

Surfing is an amazing experience that can feel like you’re flying on water once your kids have mastered swimming and are comfortable in the water. Some surf schools accept children as young as four, but surfing is a sport that can be enjoyed at any age. Nothing beats catching a wave, but there are other board-related activities that your children may prefer, such as bodyboarding and kitesurfing, which are slightly easier to master. The best part is that surfing is truly a family activity in which everyone can ride at their own pace.

We’re on our way.

Whether your children have a strong sense of adventure or prefer to be on the water rather than in it, sailing could be the water sport for them. Before advancing to other types of boats, dinghy sailing is a fun and cost-effective approach to see if they’ll enjoy sailing.

If kids enjoy it and want to develop, consider the Royal Yachting Association’s Youth Sailing Scheme; adult courses are also available if you wish to make this a family activity. Remember that good quality kids sailing apparel is crucial for safety and comfort on board, and that your children must be able to swim even if safety equipment is used.

Get your paddles.

Paddle sports such as kayaking and canoeing allow you to explore peaceful stretches of river before moving to faster flowing water. Equipping your children with kids wetsuits is a wise decision for those instances when you do find yourself in the water! This is another inexpensive water activity with an awards programme – Paddlepower – to keep kids and young adults engaged.

Among the Waves

Nothing beats the unique experience of seeing life beneath the waters. If your child was inspired by Blue Planet and enjoys visiting aquariums, why not give them the chance to see life underwater up up and personal? Begin with snorkelling before progressing to a PADI course that blends enjoyment with some useful life skills.

Participate in a Group

If your children appreciate team sports, they will most likely enjoy the fast-paced action of water polo. This is the ideal water activity for a family who enjoys playing together because people of all ages can participate. It’s really simple to get started – all you need is a ball and a net – and you’ll be hooked in no time. You’ll get a total-body workout while also learning vital social skills that can only be learned through teamwork.

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