Top Three Kayak Locations in the UK


Kayaking is not only good for your physical and mental health – it’s a wonderful cardio workout and can be extremely peaceful – but it’s also a fascinating opportunity to explore coasts, rivers, and lakes. A kayak trip is the ideal alternative for a budget weekend (or even week!) away if you have a car with roof racks or an inflatable kayak that you can toss in the boot. So, if you’re sick of your neighbourhood or looking for a cheap vacation, check out our three greatest kayaking sites in the UK…
The Lakes Region

Hiking, cycling, sailing, and (you guessed it) kayaking are all popular outdoor activities in this area. The stunning environment provides a stunning backdrop to your getaway, with the choice of kayaking across a different lake every day, whether you like Windermere or Coniston. There are also plenty of charming taverns and lakeside campsites (or B&Bs if camping isn’t your thing) where you can refuel and relax after a long day of paddling.

With so much to see, the Lake District is a site you’ll want to visit with friends, so bring a double kayak if you’re coming. With two adult seats and a child seat in the middle, the Aquaglide Chinook Tandem 3 Man Inflatable Kayak is our top pick for a family holiday. This bundle also includes a pump and two paddles, so all you need is a tent and you’re ready to go…
The Lochs of Scotland

When it comes to kayaking in Scotland, the sky is the limit because there are so many excellent sites to go for a paddle that you’re practically better off just pointing at the map with your eyes closed and taking it from there. If you want a bit more direction on your next vacation place, the top three spots that always attract kayakers are Loch Ness, Loch Lomond, and Loch Awe. They’re also fantastic fishing places, so you can enjoy both the satisfaction of catching your own food and the stunning environment.

If you enjoy fishing, you could be satisfied with a solo trip, but if not, the Aquaglide Columbia XP Tandem 3 Man XL Kayak will provide enough stability to keep you and your paddling partner level while patiently waiting for a nibble on the line. It’s one of the most popular kayaks on the market, designed for recreational touring and all-around use, but it also includes integrated fishing rod holders in each seat. You may claim there’s something suspicious about that…
Cornwall’s Coast

If you prefer seaside adventures to inland lakes, a trip to the South West could be the perfect vacation for you. Despite its reputation for surfing, Cornwall boasts a plethora of stunning coves and bays to explore by kayak along its wild coastline. It’s easy to realise you’re not in the Med with gorgeous, blue waters and perfect, sandy beaches.

The Aquaglide Chelan HB One 1 Man High Pressure Inflatable Kayak is ideal for touring, adventure, and general use. This means that not only will it be perfect for travelling long distances, but you’ll also be able to have a good time if you happen to find yourself on one of those legendary Cornish waves…
So, is it time to start packing?

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