The Ultimate Water Sports Handbook


People enjoy a range of water sports; some are solely for relaxation, while others are enhanced when shared with others. Certain activities are practised just for leisure or recreation, whereas others are pursued much more competitively. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular water sports.


Sailing or yachting can be done recreationally (cruising) or competitively (racing) (racing). Sailing is a type of water sport that may be simply taught to your children and enjoyed as a family activity. Dinghy sailing and yacht sailing are the two main styles of sailing, each requiring a unique set of skills and, most significantly, a unique set of clothing and sailing equipment.
Sailing in a Dinghy

Dinghy sailing is mainly centred on racing. There are hundreds of various types of dinghies, each with a different speed, intended for a particular age group, and demanding a different level of ability and crew. Some are slower, heavier dinghies sailed by two or more crew members and requiring only basic sailing ability. Others, on the other hand, are high-adrenaline foiling single-handers that need years of sailing experience and peak levels of athleticism. Each requires a specific style of dinghy clothes.

Sailing on a Yacht


When it comes to cruising, sailing isn’t as strenuous as some other sorts of water sports. As a result, as long as everyone is dressed appropriately for sailing, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. Because this water sport is relatively peaceful and mild, it is frequently enjoyed as a family activity. Cruising can also include coastal sailing (where you are always in sight of land) or longer offshore voyages.


Yacht racing is a water sport in which many yachts race over a track, across open water, or even around the world. It is critical that participants have the necessary equipment.
Yachting gear and sailing equipment are required for these types of endeavours. Professional yacht sailors must invest in highly technical yachting clothing, thus selecting a reliable provider is critical.


Kayaking and canoeing are frequently considered to be extremely comparable activities. Both can be enjoyed on their own or with friends. They can be rather strenuous for novices depending on the route, therefore a decent degree of fitness is essential. There are two sorts of kayaks: classic sit-in kayaks and new, enhanced, and conveniently accessible sit-on-top kayaks. Both need paddling with a double-sided paddle. Kayaking is appropriate for both quiet, placid waterways and quicker whitewater rivers, depending on the ability of the individual. Sit in kayaks necessitate expertise and instruction, which can be obtained through courses. Sit-on-top kayaks, on the other hand, only require common sense; if you fall off, you simply get back on.


Paddling in a canoe is done with a single bladed paddle. It’s a popular water sport on lakes and rivers since canoes are easy to direct around potential obstacles like rapids and are also incredibly efficient on the water. Aside from a canoe or kayak and a paddle, water sports equipment needed for canoeing or kayaking includes a life jacket or personal floatation device, a helmet, and appropriate canoe and kayak apparel that will protect you from the weather while not absorbing too much water.

Board Games

There are numerous board sports that necessitate a certain level of surfing proficiency. A sturdy wetsuit, a surf leash, surf wax, earplugs, and sunscreen are all important water sports accessories for a beginner surfer. Board sports include kitesurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, bodyboarding, wakeboarding, and windsurfing in addition to surfing. All of which necessitate their own boards, clothing, and accessories, so don’t make the mistake of purchasing a standard sailing wetsuit for one of the mentioned board sports.


Surfing is primarily a sea or ocean sport in which the surfer rides moving waves towards the coast on a surfboard. Surfboards come in a variety of forms and sizes, such as a conventional fish shape with a broadened tail block or a softboard with a set of ultra-safe rubber fins.


Kitesurfing allows you to get closer to the wind and waves and enjoy a water activity like you’ve never experienced before. Kitesurfing requires a lot of bravery and excitement; whether you’re into freestyle, racing, or wakestyle kitesurfing, investing in the correct equipment is essential. A kitesurf kite, a kitesurf board, and appropriate kitesurf clothing are required for your kitesurfing trip.


SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding) is a water sport that is comparable to surfing but is more relaxed. For newcomers, this sport is quite simple to learn, requiring only superb balance and cautious paddle strokes. You’ll need a SUP board and paddles, both of which can be acquired and purchased as a set.


Bodyboarding is one of the earliest types of surfing and is quite similar to traditional surfing on a surfboard, except that instead of standing on the surfboard, you surf with the front of your body.

Towables by Jobe

Jobe Towables are ideal for the water sports enthusiast or thrill seeker; if you have access to a speedboat, you can tow a 1 person, 2 person, or 3-5 person towable behind you. Jobe towables are ideal if you will be travelling with a junior.


If you have access to a speedboat or live near a cable park, you can enjoy the thrills of wakeboarding. This is a board activity that will get you in shape because it requires really strong core muscles. A wetsuit and an impact vest are required pieces of equipment. If you have access to a cable park, you can rent the equipment and wakeboard.

Snorkeling and diving

Scuba diving is underwater diving in which the diver utilises a self-contained breathing device containing compressed air that they bring with them. Scuba divers can move underwater thanks to fins affixed to their feet. Other water sports equipment required includes a mask that allows the diver to see underwater and buoyancy control apparatus.
However, diving and snorkelling activities are not only for experienced divers; they may also be a great family activity while travelling somewhere hot and exotic. You may quickly get a mask and snorkel combo and be ready to go.

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