What’s the deal with your SUP?


A walkthrough of some frequent concerns

Fortunately, stand up paddle boarding is one of the low-maintenance hobbies available. However, just like you, your stand up paddle board will require some maintenance to stay in good condition.

We spoke with buyer Will to learn out how he cares for his SUP. We’ll go over some typical problems and how to remedy them down below.


How to Transport Your SUP
How to Repair a Leaky Valve
Straightening your fins

How to pack your SUP up

Packing your paddle board incorrectly may result in harm to it. Use these packing recommendations to guarantee that your board remains durable and in good condition.

We suggest beginning off by setting your deflated board on a level surface.
Ensure your board is dry and clear of any water/debris by drying it off with a towel.
Before buckling it up and putting it in its bag, roll your board around your pump.

Watch this video to help.

How to Repair a Leaky Valve

If your valve is loose or leaking air, it is most likely misplaced or needs to be tightened. This is a common problem, but it is not cause for concern. It’s really simple to fix as part of your normal SUP maintenance routine; simply follow the procedures below:

Locate the valve tool in your SUP repair kit and take it out of your bag.
Using the valve tool, remove the valve dust cap and release the valve.
Fully detach and remove the valve.
Check sure the O ring is in place and that the pin’s spring is working.
Look for any other obstacles in the valve thread.
Screw the valve back into your SUP hand, then use the valve tool to finish.

Watch this video to help.

Straightening your fins

Here’s what you should do if your integrated fins are bent.

This is not a flaw; in fact, integrated SUP fins are intended to be flexible. It enables them to be durable while still being easy to roll away with your board. They can lose shape while your SUP is in storage from time to time, so check them after extended durations in the bag. As needed, follow these simple steps:

Heat the fins with a hair dryer or hot water. This gives them the ability to bend.
Return the fins to their original place.
While cooling, use tape to keep the fins in place.
If you want to get back on the water quickly, use cold water to hasten the cooling process.

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