What SUP Board Size Fits You Best


What SUP Board Size Fits You Best

You should search for a SUP (paddle board) that is appropriate for your skill level and body weight, has adequate float, paddles quickly enough to be enjoyable, and is appropriate for the type of stand up paddling you intend to do.

All of the information that follows applies to both hard and inflatable boards. Only a small discussion of our opinions on the pros and downsides of inflatable vs. hard boards can be found in this blog. iSUPs is another name for inflatable SUPs.

In comparison to hardboards, inflatable boards have advantages in terms of stability. Inflatable boards are significantly more stable than comparable-sized hardboards because they have a consistent thickness from nose to tail. Hardboards are designed to be lighter and to improve performance in races and while surfing, but they offer less stability and buoyancy for recreational SUP paddlers.

Check out our post, “Inflatable SUP Boards versus Hard SUP Boards – Which is Best? ” for additional information on whether to choose an inflatable SUP or a hard SUP.

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Which SUP Board Size?

Generally speaking, SUP boards that are between 10 and 11 feet long and 32 to 34 inches wide are the most popular sizes. You should search for a board that is 33–34 inches broad if stability is a top requirement for you. Although you can make your board wider, it might become slow and less enjoyable to paddle.

If portability and manoeuvrability are important to you, or if your weight is less than 150 lb/70 kg, you might want to choose a board that is shorter than typical, around 9’6″. 9’6″ boards are a lot of fun and, with the appropriate design, can be very stable. Make sure that the breadth is suitable for the length, which should be between 30 and 32 inches. Paddling will be slow on a 9’6″ board that is broader than 32 inches.

Consider an 11’0″ or longer touring or race board if speed and straight tracking are important. The ideal width for a stable touring board is 32 inches. Race boards can be as narrow as 26″ or even 28″, which increases their speed but decreases their stability. A typical compromise width for a board that is 11′ or longer and can be utilised for both touring and racing is 30″. An 11′ to 12’6″ length should be quite popular given the popularity of SUP touring, however most people would avoid it owing to storage issues. That long board is difficult to store and move. But if you’re looking for an inflatable board, the extra length won’t cause any storage problems, and a good inflatable touring SUP will perform quite well. For us, those are the JP Australia Superlight 10’6″ and 11’0″ (SL).

In addition to length, width, and outline shape, board thickness is also significant. Inflatable SUP boards for all-around paddling should typically be 5 inches thick, especially for riders who are still honing their skills. A bigger rider (225 lbs or more) might be an exception to this rule and benefit from the added volume of a 6-inch thick board, making the increased bulk and other drawbacks of a 6-inch board a worthwhile trade-off.

The perfect length, breadth, and thickness of a paddle board depend on a number of circumstances, but the knowledge we intend to impart to you should put you in the right ballpark if you are new to SUP and seeking a board for “all-around” use:

We offer inflatable (iSUPs), which are excellent for use, storage, and transportation.
The following are excellent “All-Round” SUP boards that we at Fanatic iSUP recommend:

The Fanatic Fly Air Pure 9’8′′ has a 213-liter volume, is 32″ in width by 4.5″ in thickness, and is 9’8″ long. A rider weight of up to 85 kg is advised.

The recommended rider weight is up to 95 kg for the 10’4″ Fanatic Fly Air Pure, which is 284 litres in volume, 33″ wide, and 5″ thick.

The ideal rider weight for the Fanatic Fly Air Pure 10’8′′ is 105 kg, and it has a volume of 306 litres, is 34 inches wide, and is 5.5 inches thick.

We recommend the following amazing “Allaround” SUP boards from JP-Australia:

The JP-Australia Allround Superlight (SL) 10’6″ is 10’6″ long, 32″ broad, and 6″ thick, with a suggested rider weight of up to 95 kg. It has a volume of 318 litres.

The JP-Australia Allround Superlight (SL) 11’0″ has an overall length of 11’0″, a width of 33″, a thickness of 6″, and a suggested rider weight of up to 105 kg. It has a volume of 339 Litres.

As you can see, the volume and width increase together with each size step in length.

These are the boards that SUP paddlers who want to enjoy themselves on the water without being constrained to one particular SUP paddling sport seem to choose the most.

When it comes to board length, volume, and width, any of our suggestions would also be appropriate for more experienced and beginner paddlers. This is because, while length is an important component of a paddle board’s performance and intended use, it is less directly correlated with rider weight and is more influenced by other factors, such as:

The height and distance of the rider.
What you plan to do with the board.
the variety of water and wind conditions that you anticipate seeing.
Who might be utilising your board besides you?
The possibility of you carrying passengers (small children and pets).

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