The Top 3 Water Sports for Fitness


We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions that we know we’ll never keep. More than half of those who join a gym in January abandon it within five months. But, if you’re serious about getting more active this year, monotonous treadmill walking isn’t your only option. Get outside! There are a million and one various activities you may try out this year, so what are you waiting for?

As you might expect, our favourite way to remain active is pretty much anything that incorporates water. If you enjoy the water and want to try something a little different than swimming, you’ve come to the correct place. You shouldn’t be afraid either; many of us here got into our chosen sport later in life. You’re never too old to try anything new if you have the appropriate attitude and a certain amount of determination. It may take you a bit longer than you expected to get the swing of things, but trust us when we say it will come. Enjoy the ride until then!


Given that Wetsuit Outlet lives and breathes the sport, it’s no surprise that this is our first suggestion. Surfing is not only a great full-body workout, but with the ocean air, pounding waves, and surrounding scenery, we can’t think of a better spot to start a new passion. Many people who have never worn a wetsuit before find learning to surf to be a terrifying proposition. But don’t worry, it is possible. You only need an optimistic mindset and a desire to learn. We recommend bringing a friend with you so you can make fun of whoever falls in the most!

Where should I go?

Cornwall is, without a doubt, the best surf place in the United Kingdom. There are some of the greatest surf schools in the country, including the O’Neill Surf Academy near Watergate Bay. If you don’t plan on visiting Land’s End anytime soon, your best bet is Google. Because the UK is a relatively tiny island, chances are you’re not far from open water and can simply shoot down the road on a dday trip with some friends. Alternatively, you can attempt an indoor surf location, which provides the benefit of learning in a safe and regulated setting, which can help to calm your anxiety. Simply look up your local location and get in your automobile. Surfing is possible both indoors and outside. You can surf anyplace if you can surf in Bedford…

SUP (stand-up paddle boarding)

SUP, which is a little calmer than surfing, appeals to anyone looking for a somewhat less adrenaline-fueled activity. Nothing beats travelling open ocean on a SUP board – it’s serene, relaxing, and a great way to release stress while connecting with nature. While there are several forms of paddling (touring, racing, and wave-catching), if you’re a novice and want to take it gently or practise with the whole family, we recommend renting/buying a touring or all-around board. You should also have a pretty broad board (32″ is usually your best bet), since this will provide you plenty of space and stability.

Where should I go?

The beautiful thing about stand up paddle boarding is that you don’t need waves to do it, so if the coast is closed, you can head to the next body of open water, whether it’s a lake, river, lagoon, or swamp (just joking, don’t go in a swamp). SUP has gotten so popular that you can now practise it in Central London. There are private or group courses available throughout the country, or you can simply rent a board and go. It really is that easy.


Kayaking is similar to SUP in that it provides the same invaluable experience of getting away from the city and reconnecting with nature. It’s an adjustable activity designed for everyone – whether you want to race down 30 foot waterfalls with buddies or seek secret banks for the finest view of the evening sunset, kayaking has something for everyone.

Where should I go?

The United Kingdom features some of the top kayaking places in the world. We’ve written a blog on the greatest places to visit if you want to get away from the 9 to 5 for a weekend of stunning vistas and restorative adventure. Don’t get too worked up if you can’t get away. There are lots of lakes and rapids to get you started with kayaking, including the Lee Valley White Water Centre just outside of London (so even if you’re landlocked, you have no excuse!). Alternatively, get a kayak or rent one nearby to test it out. Just make sure you have all the necessary equipment for the expedition, including a key buoyancy aid in case you end up in deep water. The pun was intended.

Don’t be concerned if you haven’t yet discovered a pastime that you truly enjoy. There are plenty of other ways to get outside and keep active this year that aren’t a chore! Spending time in nature is one of life’s basic pleasures, and it far outweighs spending time at a gym. Yes, it may be difficult to drag oneself out of the house during the cold, dreary winter months, but your lungs will thank you for the extra fresh air.

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