Is It Better That A Wetsuit Be Tight?


Adjusting a Wetsuit

Must a wetsuit fit snugly? The standard at the Watersports Centre is for wetsuits to be skin-tight without becoming unpleasant. Many of our clients have questions, and we’ve laid out the details of our responses below.
Is it necessary for a wetsuit to be snug?
How close to a perfect fit is a wetsuit?

A good wetsuit should feel like a second skin and fit closely, but not so snugly that it restricts movement. No holes, pockets, or rolled up neoprene are acceptable, and the sleeves (if full-length) should end at the wrist bone and the legs at the top of the ankle bone.
Exactly how can you tell if your wetsuit is too small?

Water will not feel good if it is too tight. The suit should be snug without being constrictive when tried on in a store. There shouldn’t be any wrinkles or air pockets in the neoprene if it’s on properly (not bunched up at the crotch or under the arms).
Does it make sense for a wetsuit to be difficult to don?

Although a snug fit is necessary for a wetsuit to perform its function, the wearer must nevertheless have room to move and breathe. Consider that they should be form-fitting rather than tight. Make sure your wetsuit fits properly before attempting a swim, surf, paddleboard, or kite activity.
Can a wetsuit get loose after repeated use?
Do wetsuits stretch over time?

Keep in mind that wetsuits are designed specifically for use in water. Wetsuits don’t have the ability to “grow into” larger sizes, therefore it’s important to get the right one the first time. A wetsuit may stretch out a little after years of use, but it’s still important to get the appropriate size before you buy. Take care of your wetsuit and it will serve you well.
What’s simpler, donning a wetsuit while wet or when dry?

The Watersports Centre recommends cooling down and towel drying before putting on a dry wetsuit, since wet or sweaty skin makes it very difficult to slip on the wetsuit and can cause undue pulling on the suit, which can cause it to rupture. It’s easier to put on a wetsuit while it’s wet, but if it’s cold outside as well as inside the suit, it won’t be fun. If you’re going to be swimming in water that’s too cold to be comfortable, it’s best to wait until your wetsuit is completely dry before jumping in.

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