A Guide to Choosing the Best SUP Board


Paddleboarding has grown in popularity over the last decade to become one of the world’s most popular water-based sports. SUP boards first appeared in the 1940s, when paddleboarding was most popular in the Hawaiian islands, and have since become a great hit in the water sports sector.

SUP boards are now a popular way for many people to reach the water for a variety of activities. With so many various types of boards to pick from in one sport, here is a guide to finding the appropriate SUP board for your water sporting experiences.

Choosing the Right Size Board

The size of your SUP board is an important factor to consider before purchasing it. While there are no hard and fast rules for picking the size of your board, there are several elements to consider, such as your ability to balance and the conditions in which you ride. Beginners, for example, may feel unsteady on any board at first, but with more experience, they will achieve more stability.

A board with a volume in litres equal to twice your weight in kilos should provide adequate stability. Most individuals are supported because many all-round boards contain 250-300L. However, keep in mind that wider boards provide additional stability, with typical boards measuring between 30 and 35 inches wide.

A 10’6 x 6″ deep board is a fantastic starting point for an all-around paddleboard that can be utilised by the entire family. If the board is only used by one person, for example, you may go as tiny as a 9’6″ board.

Choosing the Right Board for the Job

Depending on how you intend to use the SUP board, different shapes and designs will be more suited to your requirements. An all-round board is ideal for individuals who want to get out on the water and have some fun because it is thick and wide, providing outstanding stability. The boards are 32-35 inches broad and 4-6 inches thick, with a big nose and table to particularly help novices. They are typically 10 to 11 feet long and provide both stability and manoeuvrability.

Touring boards with a pointed nose are designed for individuals who want to travel out into the open ocean and experience the thrills of stand up paddle boarding. They are more streamlined and easier to navigate. The larger boards, with lengths of 11-14 feet and widths of 28-34 inches, provide ample stability for beginners while allowing pros to get out into the water. The board will travel much longer and easier across the water with each paddle stroke, but it is not very manoeuvrable, i.e. it will not turn sharp curves easily.

The Paddleboard’s Construction

SUP boards are built with a lot more than you may assume. Solid boards, for example, are typically more expensive and performance-optimized. The robust structure allows the board to have the most streamlined and effective design, since it comes in a variety of different shapes for varied uses.

Transporting your board can be a challenging effort for many people; however, inflatable boards make the process easier because they are easy to store and travel. As they are inflated, they often become more stiff, with the top and bottom of the board tugging against one other via hundreds of woven strands inside. As a result, the design assures adequate rigidity and makes for an excellent lightweight board.

Have a Great Time Paddleboarding

The prices of the various SUP boards are entirely justified by their high quality and large selection of styles to suit everyone. When you pay a higher price for your board, you are ultimately paying for the construction quality, weight, number of layers, heat bonding, drop-stitch density, and a variety of other things that go into creating the boards. Cheaper boards will almost certainly be heavier. They will have less thick drop stitching and will compensate with extra layers of pvc. As a result, the board will last less time and be as stiff as an inflatable airbed. The paddle, pump, and bag (if given) will all be inexpensive.

Once you’ve chosen the best stand up paddleboard for you, you’ll be ready to hit the ocean and discover new places.

In addition to acquiring a SUP board for your water activities, you will also require extra accessories and gear when out on the water. We provide a large selection of SUP paddles, as well as high-quality SUP wetsuits and gear, and much more for both novice and advanced stand up paddleboarders at Coast Water Sports.

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