Inflating and deflating a stand up paddle board


Paddle boarding is quickly becoming the sport of the summer, and we can’t get enough of it. There are numerous reasons for its appeal, but one of the most important is how simple it is to grasp. However, a little advice may go a long way, and we want to make sure you get the most out of your new board.

So, without further ado, here’s a step-by-step instruction manual…
Inflating a Stand Up Paddle Board

Remove your inflatable paddle board from its travel bag and thoroughly unroll it, valve pointing up.
Before you begin inflating the board, make sure the pin in the valve (typically yellow) is upright. If it isn’t, all of your hard work will hiss back out as soon as you unplug the pump.
Next, push and twist the hose that came with the hand pump to connect it. One end will be connected to the valve, while the other will be connected to the pump.
Check that both ends are securely fastened – if they aren’t, you’ll be making things more difficult for yourself.
Place your feet on either side of the pump and make sure you can see the PSI gauge clearly.
Check that the hose is not bent or knotted, then alternately lift up and depress the pump’s handlebar with both hands.
Continue until you reach the necessary PSI level.
It will become more difficult to pump as you approach near to the required level of pressure (and not just because you will become exhausted). You may now unscrew the cap on the side of the pump to make things easier.
Detach the end of the hose from the valve once the board has been fully pumped, and the air should not abruptly rush out if you followed Step 2 correctly.
Screw the valve cap onto the valve.
Now is the moment to attach your board’s detachable fin.
Put your paddle together and make sure it’s the proper length for you (stand the paddle up next to you, and the handle should fit in the bend of your wrist when your arm is outstretched above your head).
Get in the water!

Deflating a Stand Up Paddle Board

When you’re finished on the water and ready to return home, here’s how to pack up your inflatable board.

Lift your paddle board ashore and, if possible, rinse it with fresh water.
If your fin becomes detached, now is the time to replace it.
To release the air, unscrew the valve cap and press the yellow pin down. If you do it well, this will be rather loud, so if you want peace and quiet, it’s worth investing in the Red Paddle Co Silent Air Remover.
Once you’ve gotten most of the air out of the board, start rolling it up from the opposite end to the valve, squeezing any leftover air out as you go.
Pack it in its bag, along with the pump and collapsible paddle, for the next time.

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