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  1. […] There are many different and unique Types of Boats out there today to choose from and it’s a thrill to get out there and experience the variety of vessels the industry has to offer. So now we must find the right Boat Type for your Boating needs before we cut the check and make the commitment but first, Congratulations, you have found the right Boating Option! Easy right?! There are excellent options to choose from that can fit anyone’s budget. What? You haven’t chosen your Boating Option yet? Let’s take a step back to review your Boating options. […]

  2. […] We have all done it, scan through a website or Boat Magazine looking at the Boat (or Yacht) of our dreams or maybe just a Boat you (and I) can realistically afford. At this point you know which Type of Boat you want and you choose Boat Ownership as your Boating Option. […]